Do you ever feel disturbed by a nagging feeling? Something dark that makes you feel isolated? Do you ever feel…alone? I’ve been…doing a lot of thinking lately. I’ve thought about life, plans for the future, re-establishing what I think is important, things like that. And I’ve noticed a recurring theme in my mediations. I find that I’m the most inspired whilst I’m alone, and I find that I am the most proactive about my decisions when I’m not constantly worrying about the ramifications of my actions on the disposition of others. (Towards myself to be exact.) I tend to think about the ins and outs of human nature, and about the consciousness itself. Being alone…it can be better than you think.

When you are with others…say, some friends for example, think about how you act differently than when you are alone. I tend to find that my charms are invoked more when I am out having a good time, but that’s about all that I get out of the deal. A good time. Another memory. Perhaps a subtle feeling of elation, that will soon fade after. When I’m alone, however, I find that I like to create. I like to write my blogs, I like to create and listen to music, I like to express myself to the air and shadows around me. Sure, nothing beats a good time out every once in awhile, but take the time to really get to know yourself.

What is your favorite food? Your favorite movie? Your favorite time of the day? Do you honestly think that you really know these answers? I dunno maybe, you do, or maybe you only think you do on the surface. I tend to find…that depending on the company that I currently have, my answers to these questions tend to…deviate? Now why would that be? Because maybe, I find that I when I’m with others, I try to be something I’m not.

Being out in the world, and being alone, both are parallels of the same thing: manifesting the essence of who you are. There reason that I am writing this column, is because I truly believe that people don’t give themselves the proper amount of time to truly get to know who they are. And that can be both a good and a bad thing: sure it’s good to be surprised, and find that you still get unexpected joy out of activities that are unorthodox to your general routine. I get that. But I feel that it’s even better, when you know just who you are, both inside and out, and can find and pursue what really inspires you. But hey…that’s just one person’s opinion.

…ehh…I feel like I’m really just talking in circles at this point. What I want you to take away from this is the following: Don’t be afraid to be alone, because being alone, and paying attention to yourself, getting to know yourself, well…

…it might just be what you’ve really wanted from the start. :)

About the Author :Leonardo Ronaz is secretly an introvert, and is gay. All he needs are his friends, his video games, and his music. is a program of the Matthew Shepard Foundation| Words by & for LGBTQ+ youth | #EraseHate | Want to submit? Email